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Sunshine and Rainbows©

By Susan Wise

I hear them whispering about a place called The Rainbow Bridge.

Day in, day out, the volunteers stop by my cage and peer inside. Some say “hello” or “poor baby” or some such sentiment but I just ignore them. I must remain strong and not let see I am sad or lonely or sick. Yet, occasionally I can’t help myself and my anger shows through; I hiss or growl or lash out at them. I know they mean well. After all, they care for me, feed me, and keep my cage clean. But this other place, the Rainbow Bridge – it intrigues me!

They say it is wondrous - a place where we are forever united with our loved ones. We are healthy and happy and well fed. The sun is always shining, there is no cold rain or gloom and we are able to run free at last. I sure hope this place is real. I know I want to go there someday soon. It sounds like heaven.

Yesterday three more of us here at the shelter went home with new families. That sounded good, but I heard the volunteers whispering again – Rosebud and Petey had gone to the Rainbow Bridge. I wonder why they were more special than the rest of us?

This morning I heard one of the nice ladies saying a prayer for me. She hoped I would be soon adopted. She mumbled something about me becoming aggressive and needing help. I know I certainly want out of this horrible place – it’s cold and damp and noisy. Sometimes, like the other day, I get scared and I make someone cry after I scratch them. I’m really sorry but I hate it here and it’s the only way I know to show them how I feel.

This afternoon, five more of us were taken home with families. I watched them leave, tails swaying. I thought of the Rainbow Bridge and wondered if I’d have friends if I were lucky enough to go there. I had friends once and I miss them. I thought if maybe I prayed too, like that nice volunteer, that one day I’d be chosen.

This evening I heard them whispering again about the Rainbow Bridge. It had been a very busy day and I was perplexed as to why they kept passing by my cage. It was nearly closing time when a young man stopped and quietly said hello to me. He had a kind face with soft eyes. He just stood there mumbling soft words I didn’t understand. I thought he said today was my day. Could it be?

Today I was adopted!

After months of waiting, God had chosen me to spend eternity at the Rainbow Bridge. No longer sad and alone, now, finally… I am happy, content and free.

Love always,
A shelter pet