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Lost & Found
There is nothing more heart wrenching than a missing pet!
If you LOSE A PET, here is some great advice from our volunteers:

1. Post your lost pet on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media sites. It is amazing how fast the word will spread!

2. Make flyers with your pets photo, contact information & area last seen. Keep wording to a minimum - it makes the print appear larger and easier to see.

3. Post flyers in your neighborhood and surrounding areas. Give one to every person you talk to, including the mail and newspaper carriers - you never know! Don’t forget to post one at the grocery, convenience store, vets office, police dept, community room, library, near schools, video store, coffee shop, restaurants, pet store, the park or any place that will allow you to post a flyer. If posting on telephone poles or anywhere outdoors, put the flyer in inexpensive plastic page protectors with the opening facing the bottom. That way if it rains, they wont bleed or be ruined.

4. Check with your neighbors. Knock on doors and ask if anyone has seen your pet. Never let a child do this without an adult companion.

5. Check your local animal shelter - every single day! They can receive as many as a hundred animals daily from the public or Dog Warden. You can call them, but chances are they won’t have any info on who has been brought in. You MUST go in person - every single day!

6. Call your local Police Dept. An officer or Good Samaritan may have picked up your pet or the dispatcher may have information.

7. Same goes for your local Animal Control and Sheriffs offices. Call neighboring Police Departments, too.

8. Call your Public Works Department. They often times have the unfortunate task of picking up deceased animals from roadways.

9. Check with local Animal Rescue organizations or private shelters. It is not unusual for one of them to foster a lost pet or know who has it. They normally network with each other and keep a list of Lost & Found pets.

10. If your pet is a purebreed, check rescues that specialize in your pet. They might even be in a neighboring state because of an extensive transportation network!

11. Check with area veterinarians who make have taken in an injured stray. If they have your pet, kindly pay the bill and thank them for caring enough to help an unknown animal. Many offices have a bulletin board of Lost & Found pets, so check with them!

12. Check & post a flyer at other animal related businesses such as groomers, pet stores, boarding facilities, or trainers.

13. If your pet is microchipped, immediately call the company and report the pet missing. Make sure your contact info is up to date.

14. Call your local and regional newspapers and place a LOST ad. Ask if it can be posted online, too. Some papers do not charge for LOST ads. Ask them if anyone has placed a FOUND ad that matches your pets description.

15. Check Internet sites daily like,, Craigslist,,,,,,,,, etc.

16. Ask local elementary schools or teachers if they can post a flyer in their classroom. Kids and pets go hand in hand and children are more likely to notice a stray pet in their neighborhood.

17. If your city has a local public access TV or cable channel bulletin board, call them and ask if they can run an ad for you. There is normally no charge for this service.

18. Organize a search party. Remember to always search in pairs, have a cell phone, camera, collar and leash (or better yet a slip lead), a carrier for small pets and a first aid kit. Wear bright color old clothes (long sleeves & pants) and boots, have each party bring along a baggie of fresh cooked chicken to lure a scared pet close enough for leashing and please, no loud or sudden movements! Inform helpers of special “keywords” your pet understands and always speak softly when approaching a strange animal. Never lead with your hand!

19. Offer a reward. It’s true, money talks. Most folks won’t even accept it. Ask if they would prefer you donate the money to a local shelter!

And remember:

a) Animals travel further than you think in a very short period of time. Always look outside your neighborhood gauging 2-3 miles PER DAY.

b) Keep a collar and ID tag on your pet at all times. Law requires all dogs over 3 months have a current county license tag.

c) A registered microchip can be a lifesaver if your pet slips out of his collar (cat collars are always made to break away for safety) or he slips out an open door. The county shelter normally offers low cost microchiping or your vet may offer a monthly special.

d) Pets can be tattooed on the ear or stomach. Like a microchip, the number must be registered or it’s worthless!

e) Keep a current picture of your pet handy in both print and digital format. Have 2 photos available if your pet gets a summer haircut - one photo longhaired, the other trimmed.

f) If you move, contact your County Auditor and your microchip company to update your contact information. There may be a small (and yet priceless, fee). There is nothing more frustrating than calling a disconnected number!
Monroe Police: (513) 539-9234
Monroe Public Works: (513) 539-7373 (deceased pick up)
Butler County Dog Warden: (513) 785-6543
Butler County Sheriffs Office: (513) 785-1300
Butler County Animal Shelter (AFHS): (513) 867-5727
Humane Association of Warren County: (513) 695-1176
Middletown Police: (513) 425-7700 (non-emergency)
Trenton Police: (513) 988-6341 (non-emergency)
Liberty Township Police: (513) 759-7340 (non-emergency)
Monroe Veterinary Hospital: (513) 539-8737
Blueball Veterinary Clinic: (513) 424-6241
Krebs & Koehler: (513) 423-2331
Liberty Veterinary Hospital: (513) 755-9700
Trenton Animal Hospital: (513) 988-6364
All About Petcare: (513) 424-1626
Middletown Animal Hospital: (513) 422-0615
Western Hill Veterinary Clinic: (513) 422-4181
West Chester Veterinary Center: (513) 755-2273 (24 hours)
Cincinnati Care Center: (513) 530-0911(24 hour emergency)
Dayton Care Center: (937) 428-0911 (24 hour emergency)
Middletown Journal News: (513) 420-0097 (free lost ads!)
Monroe Observer Newspaper: (513) 423-7297
PAWS - Middletown: (513) 422-7297
HART - Homeless Area Rescue Team: (513)
Catnip & Carrots Animal Bunch - Monroe: (714) 290-9104
Huntington Beach Police: (714) 960-8811 (non-emergency)
Orange County Sheriffs Office: (714) 647-7000
OC Animal Care (shelter): (714) 935-6848 or (949) 249-5160
Orange Counyy Humane Society-HB: (714) 536-8480
Costa Mesa City Animal Control: (714) 754-5311
Newport Beach City Animal Control: (949) 644-3717
Seal Beach Animal Shelter: (562) 430-4993
Beach Blvd Pet Hospital: (714) 847-1291
Huntington Pet-Vet: (714) 969-0211
Animal Care Center of HB: (714) 962-3639
Surf City Pet Hospital: (714) 968-9400
Warner West Pet Clinic: (714) 847-9617
Beach City Animal Hospital: (714) 847-3523
HB Veterinary Hospital: (714) 536-7591
Friendly Animal Hospital: (714) 845-5722
Animal Hospital of HB: (714) 898-0568
Huntington Harbour Veterinary Clinic: (714) 846-1378
Beach-Garfield Veterinary Hospital: (714) 847-2519
Andrews Square Pet Clinic: (714) 841-0822
Hosanna Animal Clinic: (714) 840-4658
Hamilton Animal Hospital: (714) 964-4744
Seacliff Animal Hospital:(714) 969-2691
Seagate Veterinary Hospital: (714) 846-4436
Adams Pet Clinic: (714) 964-1605
Crossroads Animal Emergency & Referral Center: (714) 794-6900
AAA Animal Hospital: (714) 536-6537
Westminster Veterinary Hospital: (714) 899-1100
VCA All Care-FV: (714) 963-0909
Brook-Ellis Pet Hospital-FV: (714) 963-0440
Animal Medical Center-FV: (714) 531-1155
Mile Square Animal Hospital-FV: (714) 546-7676
Ellis Park Animal Hospital-FV: (714) 963-8363
Animal Hospital - Fountain Valley: (714) 962-6621
Brookfield Pet Hospital Plus-FV: (714) 962-1369
Warner Avenue Animal Hospital-FV: (714) 540-5252
OC Register: (714) 796-3844
Huntington Beach Independent(LA Times): (714) 966-4600
HB News: (714) 378-1243
Second Chance Pet Adoptions: (714) 487-1518 or (714) 960-8415
National Cat Protection Society-NB: (949) 650-1232
Pet Pro Life: (714) 964-3593
Animal Assistance League of OC: (714) 893-4393
Orange County SPCA: (714) 964-4445
WAGS-Westminter Adoption Group & Services: (714) 887-6156
Catnip & Carrots Animal Bunch - HB (714) 290-9104
Home Again Microchips: (888)-466-3242
Avid Microchips (PETtrac Recovery): (800) 336-2843
24 Pet Watch: (866) 597-2424
AKC (AKCCAR): (800) 252-7894
Petlink (Bayer ResQ): (877) 738-5465
Banfield: (877) 567-8738
Older Banfield chips ran on the 134kHz frequency not read by all scanners.
Don’t know your pets microchip brand? Visit the AAHA site & enter your pets chip number. C&C, your vet or shelter will be happy to scan your pet. Microchips MUST be registered to be of any value and your contact information must be kept up to date. Some companies charge a small fee to update your info. It is a small price to pay should you need their service! Your pet is priceless!!!