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4th of July Fireworks Tips
July 4th is Independence Day - the celebration of our freedom.

Unfortunately, for our pets it means the exact opposite. More animals end up
in shelters after the 4th than any other time of year. The reason? Those bright lights and loud fireworks scare them silly and send them running for cover! Next thing they know, they are lost, confused and far from home. A scared animal is more likely to become erratic and this unfamiliar behavior can lead to serious accidents and injuries along with possibly getting killed. Don't take any chances with their precious lives.

PLEASE - Keep your pets INDOORS this week, especially in the evenings.
We can't stress this enough!

Below is a list of helpful advice to keep Fluffy (or Fido) safe and sound:

1. Put your cat in the bedroom but leave the closet door open to give them added security. Who doesn't know a cat that loves to hide in the clothes basket? A little catnip and a few toys well before dark will help calm your kitty. Don't forget to put a litter box in the corner and some water. Don't give them any food until after midnight; that evening snack could upset their delicate stomach and cause a yucky mess on your rug. Close the window blinds and don't go back into the room until all is quiet - they could be frightened and run out.

2. If you have a rabbit, put them in their cage. (always keep your rabbit indoors for safety!) Close the window blinds. Rabbits are especially prone to sensitivity and it's true they can die from too much excitement. You might consider a light sheet to cover the top and front of their cage. It will help shield them from bright lights. Don't put them in the same room as the cat or dog. They may start crying or barking, further upsetting your precious bun.

3. Let your dog outside before dusk to do his/her business then put him/her in the basement or bedroom. Again, leave the closet door open giving them a place to hide. A favorite blanket and toy would be comforting. Better yet, put them in their crate. Cover it and close the blinds, too and don't forget the water bowl. (no food after 7 pm - the stress plus a late meal could upset their stomach) Dogs, like all animals, have super sensitive hearing (10x stronger than humans!) and those loud firecrackers are extremely frightening. They have been known to run out the door or even jump thru glass windows and sustain serious injuries!

4. Consider leaving a TV or radio on for your pet.

5. Put a large DO NOT ENTER note on the outside of the pet room door letting all friends and family know your beloved pet is inside and not to disturb them.

6. Make sure your pet is wearing a collar and up-to-date ID tag. Consider having them microchipped. Tags get lost and a scared pet on a lead can wiggle out of a collar. Keep microchip data updated!

7. Have the phone number for your veterinarian, emergency animal hospital and local animal shelter handy. Always have a recent picture of your pet available. If your pet does end up lost, please see our Lost and Found Page for excellent advice on how to get your pet back home quickly and safely.

Shelters - Southwest Ohio
Butler County Humane Society in Trenton: 5225 Trenton Road  (513) 867-5727
Warren County Humane Society in Lebanon: 230 Cook Road  (513) 695-1176
Humane Society of Greater Dayton in Dayton: 1661 Nicholas Road  (937) 268-PETS
SPCACincinnati (Northside): 3949 Colerain Ave  (513) 541-6100
SPCACincinnati (Sharonville): 11900 Conrey Road (513) 541-6100

24 hour Emergency Veterinary Hospitals - Southwest Ohio
Cincinnati CARE Center: 6995 East Kemper Rd in Cincinnati(513) 530-0911
Dayton Care Center: 6405 Clyo Rd in Centerville (937) 428-0911

Shelters - Southern California
Orange County Animal Control - Orange: 561 The City Dr South  714-935-6848 after 5pm (714) 935-7158
Orange County Humane Society in Huntington Beach: 21632 Newland Ave  (714) 536-8480
Seal Beach Animal Care Center in Seal Beach: 1700 Adolfo Lopez Dr  (562) 430-4993
Newport Beach/Corona Del Mar Animal Shelter in Costa Mesa: 2075 Newport Blvd  (949) 722-8301
Irvine Animal Care Center in Irvine: 6443 Oak Canyon  (949) 724-7740
Mission Viejo Animal Shelter in Mission Viejo: 28095 Hillcrest  (949) 470-3045
Laguna Beach Animal Shelter  in Laguna Beach: 20612 Laguna Canyon Road  (949) 497-3552
San Clemente-Dana Point Animal Shelter in San Clemente: 221 Avenida Fabricante  (949) 492-1617

24 hour Emergency Veterinary Hospitals - Southern California
Animal Ambulance: (866) 473-8911
All Care Animal Referral Center in Fountain Valley: 18440 Amistad St # 1527  (714) 963-0909
Orange County Emergency Pet Clinic in Garden Grove: 12750 Garden Grove Blvd.  (714) 537-3032
Orange County Emergency Pet Clinic in Fullerton: 1474 S. Harbor Blvd. (714) 441-2925
Advanced Critical Care & Internal Medicine in Tustin: 2965 Edinger Ave (949-654-8950 or (949)653-9300
Animal Urgent Care of South Orange County in Mission Viejo: 28085 Hillcrest  (949) 364-6228