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Adoption is a LIFETIME commitment.
Opt to Adopt
Don’t shop. Adopt.
Until there are none, adopt one.
Don’t breed or buy while shelter pets die.
Adoption: "the act to take by choice into a lifelong relationship."
Sean & Sushi - 2006
Sherri & Princess - 2005
Gladys, Keith & Dallas - 2006
The Wolf family with Josh & Otis - 2005
Matthew, Molly & Sasha - 2009
Our adoption center -
Huntington Beach, California
Our former Adoption Center:

With the assistance of Petsmart Charities & the wonderful support of the Huntington Beach unit managers and staff, our California adoption center was extremely successful and highly praised. We were even invited by staff to expand our adoptions into their premiere Long Beach store. Sadly, we couldn’t continue the pace after 2 integral members moved to Ohio.

Always decorated for each holiday, with impeccable detail to cleanliness and health plus the absolute best volunteers an organization could ever dream of, we adopted an amazing 129 pets in only 10 months! None were ever returned and only 1 became lost, then found & reunited.
Adoption, the best option.
“Wall-ie” came to us from the Monroe Fire Dept in 2010 after being found trapped behind a concrete wall under construction. This tiny kitten had been alone and starving for several days plus had adhesive on her fur that caused her tail to be stuck to her stomach and legs and her tiny toes glued together.

Today she is the picture of beauty & very happy in her furrever home with a devoted and loving family. “WaWa” also has a feline sister and canine brother.
Special Delivery by Capt. Mascarella of Monroe Fire Dept, 8/2010
Wall-ie calling 911 to thank the Fire Dept. The milk was delicious!
Wall-ie has become a stunning cat with fur like velvet! 3/2011
Adopted by Jessie Hull & her husband Bill Blain of Monroe, Ohio
Catnip & Carrots is NOT a shelter and we no longer have pets for adoption.

We encourage you to visit your local animal shelter or rescue organization. You can find wonderful pets for adoption every weekend at your local PetSmart, Petco, or other pet supply. Petfinder is fantastic resource, too.

Most of these animals have been relinquished for a variety of reasons, including death of owner, loss of home (foreclosure), loss of job or income, allergies of a family member, moving, addition of a baby, etc. These are good animals that simply need a new place to call home and someone to love them forever.

Not all rescues are non-profits, so ask if this is important to you. Becoming tax-exempt is very expensive or the organization may be waiting on an IRS determination. If this is an offsite adoption, ask questions about where the animal is kept or ask to see the home. ALWAYS get copies of the veterinary records. Ask whose name the microchip is registered. Ask about the history of the pet and how long they have had him. The best rescues are more than happy to tell you every detail. Some require home checks to determine a safe home and a veterinary reference. Be prepared to answer questions and fill out an application. The goal is to find the best possible home available which matches the needs of that animal with the adopter and their family.
Gabby - 2005
Janet & Sammy - 2006
Kendra & Tuffy - 2005
Lindsay & Simba - 2006